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Biden's Planned Social Security Changes:

1.  Widows and widowers would get a 25% benefits boost.  Currently, if your spouse passes away, you get their benefit if it is more than yours.  The other benefit would stop.  Rules for this can get pretty complicated, and it's extremely important to understand.  

2.  Taxation on benefits would change.  Currently, married couples with a combined income of less than $32,000 pay no taxes on their benefit.  Those between $32,000 and $44,000 are taxed at 50%, thereafter the benefit is taxed at 85%. 

The income formula is complex and does not include all income sources. He is proposing to tax the benefit 100% for certain people.  There are strategies to reduce taxation.

3.  Spousal benefits would change.  Currently, one spouse is eligible for half of their spouse's benefit.  This only applies to people whose benefit is less than half of their spouse's.  

4. He wants those making over $400,000 to pay additional payroll tax. The current limit is $142,800.  There is a donut hole in this provision.

5.  He wants the minimum benefit to equal 125% of the federal poverty level.  You need 30 years of work history. Currently, this means that somebody's minimum Social Security would be $1341/mo.  Much higher than the current $400/mo minimum.

6.  Anyone who has been getting Social Security for at least 20 years would get a one-time 5% bump.